• Rosa

    Teaching experience: 6 years
    Rosa graduated from Xi`an International Studies University, majoring in Spanish and she has 6 years teaching experience, including 4 years overseas working experience. Her class is easy to understand and she will help students build a clear language system while developing their interest.

  • Angela

    Teaching experience: 8 years
    Angle graduated from University of Macau with a master degree. She is very enthusiastic about teaching and her class is very fun and enjoyable. She can teach different levels and good at training their output ability and she can always adjust her lesson according to your needs. If you want to achieve your learning target, come and join Angela`s class!

  • Grace 

    Teaching experience: 6 years
    Grace has 6 years English teaching experience and she is expert in teaching teenagers and elementary adult students. She is very patient and can spot the points that you need to improve on your study. If you want to prepare any English test , Grace can also help you.

  • Yiping

    Teaching experience: 4 years
    Yiping graduated from University of Perpignan with a master degree. 4 years overseas education in France equips her with the fluent French language as well as the understanding of the culture. Yiping`s class is very lively and fun and at the same time, she is good at building a clear language system for the students.