• Tracy

    Teaching experience: 4 years
    Tracy graduated from Yunnan Dali University, majoring in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language. She taught Chinese in Serbia for two years, during which she also worked as a part-time interpreter. Her class is enjoyable and passionate and her explanation is easy to understand. Tracy teaches daily like Chinese, business Chinese, HSK preparation, kid`s English and Adult`s English.

  • Julia

    Teaching experience: 3 years
    Julia has a BA degree, majoring in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language. She can speak both Japanese and English. Her patience in class makes students feel relaxed and confident about learning Chinese. She loves to teach since she believes it`s also a very good way for self-improvement. Her specialty is Chinese course for both adults and kids.

  • Aika

    Teaching experience: 3 years
    Aika has two years teaching experience abroad and she has been teaching Chinese after she coming back to China. She has great passion for teaching and both kid and adult students love her class, so if you want to learn Mandarin in a relaxing and fun way, don`t miss out Aika`s class.

  • Yolanda

    Teaching experience: 6 years
    Yolanda has been teaching Chinese from 2015. She is good at helping students to learn Mandarin through immersive learning and let the students know the differences between Mandarin and their mother tongue. Her specialty is daily life Chinese, business Chinese, HSK, and TSC preparation. With 6 years teaching experience, she has students from all over the world, including many Korean students who are from giant brands like, SUMSUNG, SK etc.